Hello Maker Faire Saskatoon Community!

At Maker Faire we promote STEAM activities through various DIY science and technology projects, educational workshops, whimsical display & art, hand-made crafts, robots and so much more mostly through hands-on activities. The passion and dedication of exhibitors is what makes this event truly fun. Attendees are directly in contact with the Makers, who take time to teach and instruct them through hands-on demonstrations. Interactive exhibits are a staple of Maker Faire!

Considering the present provincial and federal health restrictions and being 6 weeks away from this year’s Maker Faire we have decided to cancel this spring’s edition. In the coming weeks we will be in touch with our Makers to see if a fall edition is a possibility granted that the Covid-19 situation allows us to gather again.

Stay safe and follow social distancing!


Valérie & Kurtis Wanner





In the mean time, we invite you all to be creative and prepare for the next Maker Faire whether this Fall or in Spring 2021.


Visit the Make: Community website for a plenitude of suggested ideas to nourish your brain during this confinement. The Make: Project section will help you find build suggestions and get you started; Ideas for all ages!


Also you will find regular Live Facebook / YouTube videos by renowned Makers on the Family Maker Camp Facebook page.