Many of you told us you were interested in participating in a fall edition this year; unfortunately COVID had other plans. 🙁

Hence we decided to help you get your project online and viewed by a bigger audience! Thanks to our sponsors and community partners we will be able to create and promote videos and blog posts on social media.



We are inviting commercial Makers and hobby Maker to participate in 3 different ways:


👉 Via professional videos

Welcome our videographer / photographer into your workshop or wherever you create (following Safety protocols / social distancing) to show off your work, or we can arrange a shop space for you if you need. Imagine having your shop at the Faire and our cameraman being the attendees! Don’t be camera shy, this is not live and we can take multiple shots. Most of the visual will be on your creations and we can do some voice over.

👉 Makermade video/photos

Work with our team to send us homemade footage and pictures which will be edited to create short clips. We will work with you to capture your creation the best possible way, and give you pointers on what shots would look good to showcase your art!

👉 Written articles.

Send us pictures of what you are making and we will connect you with our writer to craft a blog post on you and your project! We know many of you fabricate and make things only for fun and have amazing creative ideas that we would love to share with the world!


Let’s spread creativity!

Let us know how you want to participate ->