Maker Faires are independently organized events held annually at different times in cities across the world. The events allow locals from each area to showcase their creations, whatever they may be, and allows attendees to try their hand at a variety of hobbies and crafts! The concept stemmed from the ideas of collaboration, creativity, and community and allows makers to be in a supportive space, free of judgement, and provides locals the opportunity to connect and network!

In Saskatchewan, this family-friendly festival is held in the city of Saskatoon. The event displays a wide variety of handmade creations from local people. Maker Faire Saskatoon is set up at Prairieland Park and guests can wander from booth to booth, checking out anything from tech gear to woodworking! There are more than 100 Makers involved, showcasing thousands of new creations each year. Along with the exhibits, there are also presentations, performances, and workshops. These range from DIY projects and crafting to education and robotics. This is a great way to spend a fun-filled afternoon with friends and family. It is also a great way to be social and connect with new people! No matter what you are interested in, there is a little something for everyone who attends!


Saskatchewan’s Maker Faire began in 2018 and involves makers of any background from science and technology to the arts and crafts. This has become a big event in our province that brings the community together, uplifts each other, and supports local businesses! It provides a positive space to share, learn, and incorporate culture.


Unfortunately, due to COVID, the 2020 live event has been cancelled, but we are taking this as an opportunity to virtually shed light on some of our creative Makers! We would like to take this time to go into more detail on our Makers and to provide more information on the event itself, as well as answer any questions from the public.

Maker Faire is an open event for newcomers to join in on the fun and display their creations at the next event. If you have something you would like to show the community, feel free to reach out to be on our newcomer’s list! If you want to participate in the virtual edition you can still sign up here: