With the cancellation of this years Maker Faire, we have decided to go virtual! If you’re new to the website and want to learn more about what the Maker Faire is, check out our previous blog here!

We have many talented Makers this year with a wide variety of skills and creations. Over the coming weeks, we will be going in more depth on each individual’s creations to give them the spotlight to show off their talent. Today’s blog is a sort of appetizer that will briefly touch on the Makers we will be interviewing. We will be showcasing our Makers in two ways, through video or through article and photo, depending on their trade and preference.


Summary of Makers:

We have Makers who create art, apparel, home décor, robots, props, as well as a variety of other things! Beginning with hand-made personal care products, we have Scott Walde who makes soap from scratch! He uses a variety of scents and moisturizing components such as olive oil and coconut oil. Amanda Bosiak is also a soap maker and creates hot process soaps using a slow cooker with oils and lye!


Moving on to textiles and fabrics, we have Ryan Linklater who creates apparel and costumes! He uses a hand cranking sewing machine, mainly creating pieces for cosplay and background sets. Next, we have Amanda Brown who is a textile artist focusing on handweaving to create accessories and home goods. Kara Perpelitz uses a spinning machine to spin yarn and later weaves onto it. We will be releasing a video demonstration the techniques she uses to create the materials and final product.


In the category of music, we have John Demchenko who composes electronic music! He uses his computer and software programs, all from his at-home music den. (Listen to “String Theory” he created for the Saskatoon Maker Faire string art video below.)


In the realm of arts, crafts and design, we have Laura Henderson Shylo who creates children’s books, at-home crafts, and photo restoration. Jordan Yaworski uses his vast experience and education to create props, sculptures, molding, and a variety of unique pieces for hire. Ferne Hebig crafts hand-painted miniatures and RPG themed dioramas. The Saskatoon Kilobots is a fun group that creates radio-controlled fighting robots. The robots are in tournaments and are some of the most destructive sub-lightweight robots in the world!



Become a Maker:

With this brief summary, we can see just how many talented individuals we have in Saskatchewan! There are many interesting products, arts, and crafts that the people in your community are ready to share with you! Again, if you are interested in becoming a Maker for the Saskatoon Online Maker Faire, feel free to submit here!