musicIn the past few weeks, we have showcased a variety of new Makers. This week we are introducing local musician, John Demchenko. John is passionate about music and has been making electronic music out of his home studio, under the name of ‘Allegorical Shadows’. He has always been interested in the musical world and has been learning and creating his own music for approximately ten years! John is a Maker because he loves creating things and having the ability to connect with other Makers within the community. He states that “being able to express one’s creativity is something you can’t really measure, but it is a very satisfying experience”.

Other than electronic music, John has taken an interest in a wide variety of other music genres. With his music education and skills, he now has a deeper appreciation for all music industries as he now knows the effort it takes to bring a piece to life.


Along with creating his own music, John is also interested in helping other along their musical journeys. He mainly focuses on helping people beginning into the electronic music sector. John will be showcasing an online workshop “Getting Started with Electronic Music”, posted on our page at a later date. John believes that electronic music is a great start for people who are musically interested but may not have the space or the budget to afford expensive instruments.

Getting Started

musicJohn has a few helpful tips for those of you interested in getting started with electronic music. Firstly, you will need to have access to a computer or smartphone and able to download a free software. John suggests not to fret if you have never learned an instrument before as “with technology today you can pretty much create any kind of music you like using virtual instruments”. In the beginning, you’ll want to start off with the basics and to allow yourself time to learn and develop skills at your own pace. The internet is a great place to learn, especially with platforms such as YouTube. You can look up any lessons you are keen to learn and at any level as well! If you are more serious about the art of electronic music, there are plenty of online course available which will allow you to learn more technique and allow you to expand your skills. Most of the softwares allow you to change and edit along the way as part of the learning process.

If you want to see more from John, check out his Facebook page here and his SoundCloud channel here!