Crafting is a great way to spend time, especially when stuck inside the house! There are unlimited projects you can work on that don’t need a bunch of new supplies. Enjoy getting creative with your family and spend the afternoon keeping busy! Making crafts not only keeps the hands busy but the mind as well. Sometimes, it is important to just let your mind focus on other, less important things if you’re feeling a bit stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Staying creative is important as it can help increase mental health, motivation, and inspiration.

There are plenty of household items you can use for crafting, such as string, old clothing, old frames…etc. Not to mention, many of these projects upcycle old items that might have otherwise gone to waste so it’s also sustainable!

Listed below are a few fun projects to try with items you can find at home!

1. Reusable Bags

Making reusable bags is fun and handy for your trips to the grocery store! You can sew or hand-stitch the bags using a variety of materials, such as an old t-shirt! Instead of choosing paper or plastic, make of few of these and have them handy in your vehicle whenever heading to the store!

2. Vasesflower

Updating vases is a great way to refresh old vases you have in your house. Grab the collection of vases, some paint, chalk, stencils, or anything else to add a creative touch! You can upcycle these vases to add a new and modern aesthetic to your home. Try stenciling new designs or bright paint colours to be bold! Afterwards you can either leave the vases empty as art piece in the house or get creative with what goes into them!

3. Newspaper Plant Pots

A great at-home project that pays off is starting your own herb garden! You can start off by using old newspaper to create plant pots, fill them up with soil, and plant a couple seeds! You can grow a wide variety of plants indoors, including cilantro, green onions, and even avocado!

Check out some Pinterest idea here!

4. Wreaths

Wreaths are a super fun afternoon activity with endless possibilities! You can make a creative wreath out of old clothing and dish cloths or you can go with something more simple. There are unlimited ideas on sites like Pinterest.

bracelet5. Bracelets

There are a lot of different bracelet patterns that can be found on the internet and all you really need is some string! There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to making bracelets, or any jewelry for that fact! Try out different tying patterns, string colours, and beads! Bracelets are fun and easy project because they are not too time consuming.