Join us for an interactive day of creativity !

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth! A family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, resourcefulness, and a celebration of people who love to MAKE, BUILD, INNOVATE and LEARN.

From classic artforms to new and futuristic technology, Makers will display various DIY science & technology projects, educational workshops, robots, hand-made crafts, wearable creations, sci-fi displays, inventions, everyday hacks and more!

The passion and dedication of exhibitors is what makes this event truly fun. You will be directly in contact with each Maker, who will take time to teach and instruct you through hands-on demonstrations. Interactive exhibits are a staple of Maker Faire!


Activities will be running throughout the day for visitors to try out (among other things) model airbrushing, blacksmithing, pottery wheels, t-shirt silk-screening, learn-to-solder, building combat robots, wood burning art, and belt-sander drag racing! Workshops and hands-on activities are included with admission. Minimal fees may be required to cover materials of Make-&-Take-Home creations. Some Makers will have their crafts and creations available for purchase.


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It’s time to APPLY – Show off your skills and creations. 

We are looking for a wide variety of exhibitors from all disciplines and skills levels. Not sure if your project fits? You have skills but no project to display? We might have one for you!


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