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Welcome to Saskatoon Mini Maker Faire’s Cash Quest stop! 🙂

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Question 1: How can we best describe a Maker Faire?

0- A collaborative workspace inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high-tech to no-tech tools.

1- A pop-up market & craft fair where you can buy vintage and shabby-chic to holiday crafts and your everyday home decor!

2- A province-wide science fair competition for elementary & high-school students judged by an array of Saskatchewan’s best scientists.

3- A family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and playfulness. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.


Question  2: Which famous cat mask were Make-&-Take pass holders able to make?

0- Cheshire Cat

1- Garfield

2- Felix the Cat

3- Grumpy Cat

4- Hello Kitty


Question 3 : When is the next Saskatoon Mini Maker Faire?

1- September 21, 2019

2- November 11, 2019

3- December 15, 2019

4- February 29, 2020

5- May 9, 2020

6- May 30, 2020

7- June 13, 2020

8- May 29, 2021

9- June 5, 2021


Question 4: How old was the youngest Maker at Saskatoon Mini Maker Faire 2019?

0- Eleven

1- Ten

2- Nine

3- Eight


Question 5: What is the name of the iconic Maker Faire Robot?

1- Mbot

2- Marky

3- Marco

4- Makerbot

5- Maker

6- Macro

7- Makey

8- Mario

9- Makey-Makey


Question 6: What were the tools on last year’s screen-printed image which attendees printed themselves onto T-shirts, fabric bags and aprons?

1- Soldering iron, Hammer, Drill, Scissors, Belt Sander

2- Stapler, Hammer, Pencil, Air Brush, Belt Sander

3- Soldering Iron, Hammer, Paint Brush, Pencil, Scissors

4- Marker, Paint Brush, Hammer, Chisel, Scissors


Question 7: What images were used to represent Saskatchewan on the Collective String Art activity?

1- Tractor, Flag, Water Melon, Hot Air Balloon, Astronaut

2- Lily, Roughrider Logo, Wheat, Aurora Borealis, Earth

3- Wheat, Dinosaur, Water, Hot Air Balloon, Tractor

4- Earth, Dinosaur, Hot Air Balloon, Astronaut, Aurora Borealis


Question 8: Name 5 things attendees were able to Learn, Do and Make at the 2019 Saskatoon Mini Maker Faire?

1- Build a Cardboard Fort, Weaving, Drive a Power Wheels Racecar, Build a Rocket, Spin/Throw Clay

2- Turn a Ring, Chain Mail, Virtual Reality Games, Fly Drones, Mold a Figurine

3- Sewing, Soldering, Pyrography, Disassemble a Car, Pilot a Plane

4- 3D Sculpting, Cosplay, Stained Glass Art, Blacksmithing, Print a T-Shirt


Question 9: What song was the Tesla coil playing at the 2019 Saskatoon Mini Maker Faire?

0- Game of Thrones Theme

1- Super Mario Bros Theme

2- Portal – Still Alive

3- Star Wars – The Imperial March


Question 10: What time was captured on Saskatoon TechWorks’s “Nixie Clock” at the 2019 Faire?

0- 09:03:45

1- 11:46:45

2- 10:46:22

3- 11:03:22