Support Innovation: Become a Sponsor

Maker Faire Saskatoon is a great way to connect with thousands of individuals who are inspired by local creativity and innovation. Sponsors have the opportunity to connect with our onsite and social networking audiences and bring these individuals back to their businesses. Sponsorship will give you and your brand exposure to an audience of technology, culture, and arts enthusiasts.


Cash Sponsorship: Several tier sponsorship packages are available to appeal to both small and large organizations that want to support this incredible community event.
Media Sponsorship: Leverage your own email and marketing options to promote, advertise, and publicize Maker Faire Saskatoon. Opportunities are designed based on the value of the contribution.
In-Kind Sponsorship: Do you have something excellent to trade or contribute to the Faire?  We’re looking for signage, printing, event rentals, and more! We’re also open to other ideas. Make an offer!
WiFi Sponsorship: Unique sponsor opportunity to get your product/brand in front of all attendees and exhibitors. This is a branded WiFi Network name and landing page creating awareness, actively engaging attendees with your brand.


View/download sponsorship details: Sponsorship 2020 Package


Connect with us at for sponsorship inquiries & arrangements