Commercial Makers

Selling or Promoting at Maker Faire


Saturday June 25th, 10-6pm @ WTC at Prairieland Park


Maker Faire is not designed like any trade show, craft market, or conference — it is a fun, interactive maze of demonstrations, exhibits, workshops, and displays. We have different styles of exhibit areas to accommodate the diversity of projects and we encourage all Makers to create their own look and feel.

Maker Faire is also largely non-commercial in nature, meaning most exhibitors are not selling or actively promoting what they offer. It’s more like a giant show-and-tell. We do however understand that there is great benefit for some to promote or sell at Maker Faire. We want to support you in this.

To help cover the costs for the space and resources your exhibit will be using we do charge a fee for selling or promoting an organization, product or service. We limit the number of exhibits that are able to sell or promote, and also restrict product to unique items, preferably crafted by you. These limits keep the show true to its intent and provides extra value to you as there is very little competition for sales.

Booth options

  • 10x10ft booth: $100
    • Includes 1 8ft table, 2 chairs, 2 Maker passes.
  • 10x20ft booth: $150
    • Includes 2 8ft tables, 4 chairs, 4 Maker passes.
  • 20x20ft booth: $200
    • Includes 4 8ft tables, 8 chairs, 8 Maker passes.


  • Tables are 8ft x 30in folding banquet tables.  Additional tables are available for $20 each, and chairs for $5. Table coverings are not provided as we prefer you design your look and feel in a way that works best for you.
  • Booth footprint cannot exceed size agreed upon in your confirmation email and exhibit materials cannot reside outside of the booth space or in aisles. Pop up tents or other decor materials are encouraged to help create a look and feel to your booth.


  • Your spot is not guaranteed until your fees are received. Fees are due no later than June 14, 2022. Payment can be made by e-transfer, PayPal, credit card, or cheque. Email to arrange payment.


Additional information

  • In the Makers Toolkit you will find a myriad of information to guide you through the many details of exhibiting at Maker Faire whether you are a commercial Maker or not.


Cancellations & Refunds

  • You may cancel your booth anytime before May 25th and receive a refund on all fees paid less a $25 administration fee.



Thank You! – We really appreciate your interest in being a part of Maker Faire.