There is so much love in the air on that special day in the middle of February. Yes, Valentine’s Day focuses mainly on couples through mainstream media, but this day should be a time to show all of your loved ones just how much they warm your heart. If you are single, this day should not bring a sense of loneliness but instead a day to celebrate love! Love is not only meant to be romantic love, but all kinds of love are equally as important!

Instead of buying gifts from a store, why not get creative with some DIY gifts this year! DIYs are great gifts because it is more thoughtful and shows you that you took the time to make something with that person in mind! Not to mention, DIYs are a great cost saver if you are on a budget. Check out a list of a few of our favourite DIY gifts for Valentine’s Day!

valentine'sHandmade Pottery

Join a workshop and learn some pottery! Making your own vase or mug can be a beautiful and special gift to show your love for someone very special in your life. Take advantage of a pottery class offered in Saskatoon with Wet Paint Pottery! You can also get creative with paint after the pottery has dried and come up with colours and designs to suit the person you are gifting it to!



Everyone loves baked goods! Get creative in the kitchen with some Valentine’s themed baking such as heart shaped cooked, pink frosting cupcakes, or strawberry flavoured macaroons! Boxing up little baking packages is a tasty way to show you care. Many people find baking to be very therapeutic and can be a great stress reliever. There are unlimited recipes online, but Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration if you can’t decide!



Houseplants not only add a nice aesthetic to a space but are also known to have many benefits. Studies show that houseplants can improve mood, reduce stress, improve indoor air quality, and boost productivity. What better way to show someone you care than giving a gift that can help your loved one’s quality of life! Some of our favourites are succulents, aloe vera, and snake plants. Read our blog on the best plants for indoor gardening here!


DIY Kitvalentine's

Motivate the people around you to get creative by making a little DIY kit. Whether it is painting, weaving, or clay art, there are plenty of options to get creative. This would also be a great idea to hangout and get creative together, working on something new!



valentine'sAll-Natural Beauty Products

Beauty products can range from lotions to soaps and everything in between! This is another way to get crafty and create some great smelling all-natural products for your loved ones. If you are interested in trying your hand at a bath bomb, check out our DIY blog post here! If you are interested in soap making, check out another blog post of ours here!