In the midst of the cold winter season, it can be a bit difficult to stay inspired and creative. Luckily, the city of Saskatoon offers a variety of fun, creative workshops for adults! Read below for our list of top workshops and classes offered in the city:

potteryPottery & Painting

Wet Paint Pottery offers pottery classes for both kids and adults. Aside from pottery, they also teach canvas painting and glass fusing. The drop-in classes are open to the public and a great, affordable activity to go solo or with friends! There are also fun events such as ladies night, date night, and student night!



Cooking Classcooking

The Local Kitchen is a business based in Saskatoon, focused on events and workshops in food & drink. They offer public classes, private events, as well as virtual events for those outside of the city! Their motto is “using quality food to create connection and build our community”. The classes are always taught by local chefs in the area and the ingredients are of the highest quality. There is a nice range or classes from Greek to Thai cuisine!


terrariumPlant Workshop

Getting out in nature can be a bit tricky on those extra cold winter days. So, why not reconnect with nature through a plant workshop! Plant Vibe offers shipment of succulent kits and virtual workshops to make your own terrarium from the comforts of your home! Plant Vibe is a company based on Saskatoon but they offer deliveries outside of the city as well. They offer different collection as well as different types of workshops. One of their most popular is a team building workshop where the team meets online to build their at-home terrariums together!

Photography Workshopphotography

The Saskatoon Camera Club offers a variety of photography workshops for any skill level whether you are just starting out or already a more advanced photographer. The workshops also have a nice range from product and studio photography to landscape and outdoor photography.

“The Saskatoon Camera Club is composed of a group of friendly people who are interested in improving their photography.”


Floristry Workshop

Twig & Bloom is a Saskatoon based florist business that offers different types of floristry workshops throughout the year. Twig & Bloom believes in bringing the community together to through their events which focus on helping people create beautiful flower arrangements.

“Being part of a community that has always believed in our vision is what has allowed us to realize our lifelong dream of using flowers to help people create beautiful moments and memories. We designed our floral workshops to pay that feeling forward, giving thanks to the community that has given us so much by empowering others to realize their dreams, too.”